The Squiffy Gnu Facebook page was inspired by Jo Bell’s on-line ’52 Poetry’. Like the 52ers, the Gnus post a poem, or flash fiction, in response to a weekly prompt. Squiffy’s Facebook page can be found here. It’s a closed group but Squiffy always welcomes new members.

Colin started the group in 2014 for the benefit of fellow students of creative writing. He currently shares the administration with poet and author, Chris Hemingway. The herd is very friendly; members encourage each other and give constructive criticism in order to improve each other’s writing. As the ‘herd’ is a closed group, members can submit their work to competitions and for publication, even if these restrict previously or simultaneously published work. Thus the Gnus can seek critique in advance of a submission.

Come and try it out!

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Colin’s Early Poems

Colin retired from his career as a successful professional engineer, and set about applying his design and problem-solving skills to the field of creative writing. He tried a variety of different forms and 32 of his early poems are to be found in this book, now available on Amazon here.