Colin Waterman is a poet, writer and author of the new Sci-Fi novel ‘The Hesperian Dilemma’. As a professional engineer and amateur astronomer, Colin likes to write fantasies that are also credible. His poems and travel articles have appeared in popular magazines, and an extract from ‘The Hesperian Dilemma’ has been included in ‘Anthology House’, a visionary ecology project from Asei Arts. He enjoys sailing, skiing and recently crossed his home city on a zip-wire while dressed as a chicken.

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A SciFi adventure and love story

Maura is an oceanographer who hoped to find life under the ice on Europa. But she didn’t expect to discover an alien society with paranormal powers; nor that the colonists from Earth would to try to destroy it. She teams up with a computer scientist called Geoff, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence. Together they strive to save the aliens from extermination—a mission which threatens to tear apart both their relationship and their home planet.

If you enjoyed 'Avatar', you'll love this book.

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Main Characters

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Maura O’Hara is an oceanologist who specialises in extremophile organisms found underwater close to hydrothermal vents. She leapt at the opportunity to travel to Jupiter’s second moon, Europa. She hopes to study its ocean under the moon’s ice-cap because of the possibility of finding evidence of life there.

She’s a young Irish woman with a string of broken relationships behind her. Her tendency to be impetuous is the result of a quirk of her personality. She’s virtually fearless, because dangerous situations make her angry rather than afraid. Both anger and fear derive from our need to feel in control. With adrenalin pumping into our bloodstreams, we have a choice—flight or fight. We can run away from danger or towards it to overcome it. Maura always chooses the latter.


Geoff is a consultant working for a UN department known as COPUOS—a Unified Nations committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space. He has been sent to Europa ostensibly to set up communication links for the transfer of scientific data. But, in reality, the UN is concerned about a series of strange e-mails it’s received from an unknown source, but believed to have originated from Europa. They have asked Geoff to investigate.

He’s a computer boffin, good at science but often uncomfortable with people. His problem is that he has trouble identifying other people’s emotions. He compensates by applying his knowledge of intonation and body language as if he’s translating a foreign language. It works for him—most of the time.

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Colin's books are published by Fabulahula, a division of E & Q Services Limited.

Anthology House


The ANTHOLOGY HOUSE comprises ten works of fiction and poetry, submitted by writers from four continents. The collection, curated by Maia Kumari Gilman of ASEI Arts, New York, is a visionary ecology project—a collaborative envisioning of opportunity, essentially to make our world a better place. 

 Colin Waterman was the only writer from the UK to be included in the ANTHOLOGY HOUSE. To quote from his bio notes, [he] came to creative writing relatively late in life, after a successful career as an engineer. He was curious whether the design and problem-solving skills he had honed in engineering would apply to creative writing (for example: working with the patterns and formulae of poetry), and he found that to some extent that they did. But he concluded the key to success was to find a rule and break it. . . . .His science fiction novel The Hesperian Dilemma tackles the urgent theme of where technology is taking us, and if it adds to the growing pressure for mankind to find a sustainable way forward, then Colin will consider his job done.

The book is available through local booksellers or worldwide from Amazon. All profits from the Anthology will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to assist hurricane victims.