1.    Reviews

 More reviews have been promised, primarily from the site Authors XP.com. This has been the source of the two reviews from readers in the USA, plus one from Zimbabwe which couldn’t be posted on Amazon because the reader in that country was unable to gain access. I have sent copies of the e-book to seven other AXP readers with the expectation that they will post reviews.

 2.    Self-Publishing

 In real terms I self-published The Hesperian Dilemma, although I did it through Fabulahula, a division of my company But, self-publishing to the highest standard must always be like that, as one must project manage the work of experts such as editors and cover designers, the same as a trade publisher would. For first-time authors there is one supreme source of help, namely the non-profit professional organisation known as The Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli). With their webinars, newsletters, Facebook forum, directory of experts and local meetings, this organisation is invaluable. https://www.allianceindependentauthors.org/

 3.    Promotion and Marketing

 The ALLi directories include lists of contact who can help with promotion and marketing. They all require payment and some appear to be very expensive in relation to the likely return from one’s investment. However, the Independent Author Network (IAN) is a very cost-effective way of promoting a book you’ve published. But you have to make an effort yourself. Actively promoting your IAN member page at Twitter and other sites can generate 5000+ hits per month. https://www.independentauthornetwork.com/                                                                                 #ian1