More Reviews

After a successful book launch, I’ve got my first Amazon review! ‘Harvey Harvey’ wrote:

‘The Hesperian Dilemma is global, universal, and pretty funny in places too ! Definitely recommended.’. And he gave it five stars!

Then another reader reviewed the book via Amy Vansant’s AXP web-site. But as the reviewer lives in an African country where internet access is restricted, there’s no way it can be posted on Amazon. I can’t quote her name but, for the record, this is what she wrote:

‘Hi Colin/Amy Thank you I have read a free copy of your book “The Hesperian Dilemma”. Wow, Dilemma definitely right title. While I get that technology is incredible but dangerous, it was more human nature that is terrifying. One minute humanity/aliens/fish can work together in survival, the next total havoc and destruction. The incredible creations, advanced society, yet still no further along the line in control of greed, power, selfishness opinion, worry about what others think/know/do, corruption, jealousy etc. Until there is pure, unconditional love, which covers a multitude of sins, there is not much chance of hope for eternity, let alone the destruction and devastation caused by living “things”. Personally, I did not like the drug induced dreams. Was very sad that not even one of the main characters got to share a future or eternity together. And only 1 child, so what future generations was going to continue, in the world left behind. I did like the broad spectrum of situations, personalities, professionals, the technology, and depth of faith portrayed. Chapters we’re great, as I could only read a bit at a time, and often got interrupted, but really looked forward to what could possibly happen next. Thanks again for access to your book, I really appreciated and found it really entertaining.’